The Quantitative Services Group LLC (QSG) Adds Expertise To Their T-Cost Pro® Trading Analysis Team

Naperville, IL (May 27, 2005) QSG has expanded their dedicated trade analysis staff with the addition of two experienced financial analysts, Bill O’Shea and Yvonne Kehinde. Mr. O’Shea and Ms. Kehinde will join the analyst team responsible for QSG’s fast growing T-Cost Pro® and T-Cost Analyst® trading cost analysis services.

Mr. O’Shea joins QSG as a Quantitative Analyst. Bill was most recently a member of Instinet’s Trading Research division. He earned his B.A. from Boston College. "After servicing the needs of institutional traders for many years, I’m excited to work with a product and team that delivers real answers," said Mr. O’Shea. Ms. Kehinde has also joined the trade analysis team. Yvonne earned her BA from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Yvonne had previously held a marketing role at QSG. Ms. Jacqueline Jones, QSG’s head of marketing, has assumed Ms. Kehinde’s responsibilities. "Our T-Cost analysis platform has benefited enormously from institutional investors increasing demand for accurate trading analytics," said Tim Sargent, QSG’s President. "A significant part of the value that our trade analysis services deliver is the result of top-notch analysts like Bill and Yvonne."

QSG’s T-Cost Pro is recognized as the only analytics package fully capable of analyzing the increasing number of algorithmic or automated trading techniques. The service’s detailed analysis of time-stamped executions makes it the perfect tool to spot front running and assure ‘best execution’. It is also the only product on the market that can identify the cumulative price impact of trading decisions. This patent-pending technique allows QSG to calculate the execution 'footprint' created by a series of executions in the same security.

QSG also offers the T-Cost Analyst service, which simplifies the comparison of transaction costs across multiple managers, trading strategies and brokers. The T-Cost Analyst’s unique ‘dashboard’ helps pension executives and equity managers quickly identify transaction cost ‘hot spots’. The dedicated analyst team leverages a number of powerful tick-based execution quality measures that are unavailable from any other provider. "For institutional traders to stay one step ahead of the rapid changes in trading, they need a service that delivers timely and accurate analysis," commented John Wightkin, QSG Managing Partner. “They also need a team of real people backing them up, helping them sift through their results and report back the key issues. Our T-Cost analyst team is staffed to meet that challenge.

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