TransactTools Announces Version 5.1 of Industry Leading TCM Platform

New York– June 21, 2005

Optimized routing and translation architecture, new graphical management tools

TransactTools, the leading provider of enterprise solutions for electronic trading connectivity, is proud to announce the latest release of its revolutionary platform for financial messaging, TCM5.1. The new release includes an optimized protocol translating and routing architecture, graphical tools for managing connections, and native support for multiplexing trading sessions within connections.

"We are really pleased with this latest release," said Mike Muir, VP Product Development, TransactTools. "With TCM5.0 earlier this year we introduced the idea of an integrated platform of applications for transactional connectivity management as a much more powerful alternative to FIX engines and custom code. With this latest release we’ve further extended the platform’s capabilities by simplifying management interfaces, optimizing complex message handling, and providing native support for high-end configurations like trade routing hubs."

In TCM5.1, sophisticated, fast, and flexible multi-protocol translation and content-based routing can be configured directly through the web-based user interface. Both the routing and translation frameworks are fully extensible and provide the ability to apply and reuse programmatic extensions and templates, providing the most advanced routing and translation solutions on the market.

For creating and managing connections, a streamlined user interface enables a user to define a connection and its properties, translations, and routes in just a few seconds. Power users can easily access advanced TCM5 configuration through the GUI as well, making it a powerful feature for both front-line support and more technically advanced users.

Together, these capabilities make it possible for a user with only basic FIX experience to define and configure complex new trading connections in minutes.

TCM5.1 also provides the unique and powerful ability to differentiate between message flow aggregated from multiple connections onto a single connection. Translations, routes, and properties can all be assigned to virtual connections, simplifying the technically complex task of communicating in "service bureau" mode.

The TCM architecture supports an increasingly wide array of financial protocols and transports, all of which can be mixed-and-matched, making it just as easy to configure FIXML over MQ as it is to configure FIX over TCP/IP.

Sam Johnson, CEO of TransactTools, commented, "The feedback we’re getting from the market is that the TCM platform is significantly ahead of any other vendor’s offering in this space. A big reason is integration: the new capabilities we’ve introduced in TCM5.1 are all integrated parts of a comprehensive and highly optimized platform for connectivity, rather than just a collection of add-on modules. We’re lucky to have the world’s leading financial firms as customers. The enhancements we’ve introduced in 5.1 are all the result of working closely with these customers, the best source of intel about how we can provide value and really differentiate our offering."

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