Sybase Provides Financial Services Companies Power to Improve Returns on Invested Capital


Sybase announces the general availability of its Risk Analytics Platform — a unique consolidated risk and trade data repository capable of capturing and consolidating high-volume market data feeds with massive historical data sets for faster, more effective trading applications.

• With Sybase® Risk Analytics Platform, buy-side and sell-side firms in capital markets can now harness the power of real-time market data and vast stores of trend data to improve profitability.
• Sybase is the an established information management leader in financial services markets worldwide and handles more than 60 percent of all global trade transactions each day.

DUBLIN, Calif. — May 23, 2005 — Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, today announced the general availability of the Sybase Risk Analytics Platform, a risk management solution designed specifically to support trading applications in capital markets. By implementing Sybase Risk Analytics Platform, customers can now harness the power of real-time market data and vast stores of trend data, allowing them to improve profitability of trading operations.

"Sybase is expanding on its position as an established data management leader in financial services markets worldwide, with technology that handles more than 60 percent of all global trade transactions each day," said Dean Marchetti, director of engineering, Sybase Inc. "With Sybase Risk Analytics Platform, we deliver a unique consolidated risk and trade data repository that is actually capable of capturing and consolidating volumes of real-time market data and deep historical data to support more effective, near real-time trading analytics. This allows our customers to spot trends and opportunities buried in the data and act on them ahead of the competition."

Harnessing the power of the award-winning Sybase IQ as its underlying analytic engine, Sybase Risk Analytics Platform provides powerful query performance up to 100 times faster than traditional RDBMS systems, decreasing the volume of data stored by up to 70 percent. Sybase Risk Analytics Platform accelerates and simplifies implementation by including Sybase’s market-leading PowerDesigner® PhysicalArchitect™ modeling tool, a pre-built data model, and a customization environment.

Many capital markets customers worldwide currently use Sybase IQ as the engine to support their risk analytics and trading solutions, including eSpeed, Millennium Partners, Citigroup and Investment Technology Group, Inc. (ITG).

"With our Sybase IQ-based solution, each application can access current, as well as historical data seamlessly," said Szafran Athey, first vice president and head of CIB Tech Frankfurt, a unit of Citigroup that provides IT services. "With Sybase IQ, we were able to get shorter response times, even when querying very large data volumes, plus the data is stored very efficiently due to high compression rates. A large number of new analyses have become possible that no one would have thought to produce in the past due to the time and cost involved."

"We use Sybase IQ as the analytical data management platform for several of our integrated research products, including TCA® our global transaction cost analysis suite,” said Chris Escobar, ITG’s Vice President of Analytical Products. “With Sybase IQ, TCA provides some of the world’s largest asset managers the ability to quickly analyze millions of stock and portfolio transactions. As our client base has grown, IQ has become our preferred platform for analytical research products."

"As data volumes continue to increase at an almost exponential rate, it is imperative for financial sector companies to rethink their risk management solutions. As data speeds up and as more trading is done from the client site, firms need better ways to understand exposure, improve investment capital returns, and remain competitive," said Larry Tabb, founder and CEO, The Tabb Group. "While there are different approaches to accelerating risk analytics from in-memory databases to proprietary to traditional RDBMS, it is very important that the solution be lightning fast, highly scalable and able to integrate efficiently with existing applications."


Sybase Risk Analytics Platform is currently available in a Development and Testing version, as well as the full Deployment version. Sybase Risk Analytics Platform includes Sybase IQ, which is available in two production editions, Enterprise Edition and Single Application Server Edition. Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition is included as the analytic engine for Sybase Risk Analytics platform.

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