Enigmatec Unveils First Policy-Driven Execution Management System for Data Center Automation

Intelligent Automation Solution Improves Efficiency, Reduces Operations Costs, Automates Failure Recovery and Workload Management Procedures

Palo Alto, Calif., – May 31, 2005 – Enigmatec Corporation, the leader in policy-driven, data center automation solutions, today announced the availability of its Execution Management System (EMS) version 2.0. EMS 2.0 addresses the challenge of managing multi-tier, multi-vendor applications by replacing inefficient IT procedures with integrated policies, which drive automatic reconfiguration of resources based on business demands. With EMS 2.0, customers can reduce business downtime and improve IT efficiency with policy-driven solutions for failure management, disaster recovery, workload management and power optimization.

Today, systems administrators rely on a collection of vendor scripts, manual procedures, and custom-built tools to manage the various IT resources, including blades, operating systems, virtual machines, databases and web servers that make up an enterprise application. Without a unified model for representing operational workflows, responses can be inconsistent and prone to human error.

EMS 2.0 includes a graphical Designer workbench to capture and integrate these workflows into enforceable operational policies, with measured Service Level Agreements (SLAs). At run-time, EMS continuously monitors hardware components and software applications, rapidly detects failures or changes in demand, and automatically selects and executes the required operational policies to reconfigure the proper resources in response. For IT staff, the EMS Operations console provides real-time, graphical display of policy performance and SLA adherence, ensuring that business goals are met. EMS acts as an "auto pilot" for the data center, sensing change instantly and automatically balancing resources to rapidly return the system to optimal performance.

"The promise of fully virtualized and shared resources throughout the data center is difficult to achieve without a new approach to operations. The decision-making power must be pushed out to the IT resources themselves," said Indra Mohan, CEO of Enigmatec Corporation. "EMS provides the tools to capture and measure operational workflows as policies, and to automatically apply those policies in real-time to allocate resources to the right applications at the right time."

"As businesses demand greater and greater productivity at reduced costs, IT operations must become more efficient. From one application stack to an entire data center, the goal should be the same: to drive out operational inefficiencies," said John Humphreys, research manager at IDC. "Policy-based automation harnesses the power of monitoring, provisioning and virtualization tools to create self-scaling and self-healing resources thereby reducing IT support costs and operational risk, while improving overall service levels and performance."

Key Features and Benefits
EMS 2.0 offers:
• Intuitive, graphical policy design workbench
• Patented, peer-to-peer agent architecture
• Powerful operations console to track SLA performance
• Complex, adaptable, consistent policies: replaces ad hoc procedures
• Distributed, scalable, lightweight architecture: no single point of failure
• Self-configuring agents: deploy policy changes "on the fly"
• Real-time SLA monitoring: unified "business-centric" performance view
• Reduced failure response times
• Improved system performance and utilization
• Reduced operating costs and operational risk
• Improved SLA adherence and business reporting
• Automated failure management
• Orchestrated disaster recovery
• Automated workload management

EMS 2.0 also includes pre-built interfaces to leading vendor products, including:
Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows XP, Sybase, Apache, Sun Provisioning System, VMware, and IBM Tivoli.

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