Bloomberg PhatPipe Becomes the First Data Feed to Open the Market, Offer Independence to Financial Market Participants

PhatPipe is Compatible with all Independent Data Feed Handlers and Market Data Platforms

New York, July 25 – Bloomberg, the leading global provider of data, news and analytics, today announced that it is opening up the data feed market by enabling the first group of platform providers and data feed handlers to receive its new real-time, high-volume market data feed, Bloomberg PhatPipe. The initial platforms and data feed handlers enabled to integrate Bloomberg PhatPipe are Dealing Object Technology (DOT), HyperFeed Technologies, I-Deal Data Systems., Infodyne, TS-Associates and Wombat Financial Software.

Bloomberg is introducing a dramatic change to the market data feed industry in making PhatPipe compatible with all independent data feed handlers and market data platforms. For the first time feed handlers, market data platforms and financial industry participants will be enabled to apply advanced innovative technology that will take the data feed business into the future.

With Bloomberg PhatPipe's new open architecture, customers who use market data feeds now have greater independence and choice in obtaining market data and customizing it for their own needs. Bloomberg PhatPipe will provide Bloomberg’s high quality and extensive data, and superior customer service, while offering the market data industry's only platform-agnostic distribution service that allows customers to combine the best of data and their choice of the best technology for their own needs.

"Bloomberg PhatPipe is completely agnostic when it comes to data platforms, enabling market participants to select data platform and feed handlers that best fit their technology needs," said Tricia San Cristobal of Bloomberg. "This allows data users to access the best technologies for them, coupled with the best market data in the industry – the best of breed in every sense."

Bloomberg PhatPipe includes exchange oriented data as well as Bloomberg proprietary and contributor data currently offered to Bloomberg Professional® service customers. PhatPipe utilizes a flexible, component-based framework enabling it to leverage open-source technologies and to be seamlessly integrated into all leading operating platforms.

PhatPipe customers receive technical support as well as round-the-clock, 365 day-a-year Bloomberg customer service support, building on the unmatched customer support that is currently provided to 250,000 users of the Bloomberg Professional® service worldwide.

"Bloomberg PhatPipe provides the quality, speed, service, and accessibility that data service customers and end users demand," San Cristobal stated. "This unique tool is the option for customers who demand the depth and breadth of Bloomberg's real-time data for their proprietary and in-house applications. We are committed to broadening our reach as far as possible and making Bloomberg data accessible across all platforms."

Additional data feed handlers and platform companies offering Bloomberg PhatPipe will be revealed during the following months.

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