FinancialCAD’s Fincad® XL Version 8: "A Must Have for Anyone Serious about Financial Analytics"

Vancouver, Canada.

Since the release of Fincad® XL version 8, the number of financial professionals that use Fincad XL in banks, asset management firms, corporations, and governments has grown to over 25,000. Fincad XL provides users with a comprehensive, industry-standard suite of functions and workbook solutions for accurately and easily valuing and assessing the risk of virtually every type of derivative and related financial security that is traded in the market.

Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, James Salem, CFA, Balance Sheet Management at Royal Bank of Canada says, "Fincad XL is a must have for anyone serious about financial analytics. It is an effective productivity tool that will save you scarce development time. Ideal for the seasoned financial engineer and will help educate the beginner."

Simplifying the accurate valuation of financial instruments and saving users valuable time for financial analysis and derivatives’ management has always been FinancialCAD’s mandate. Fincad XL version 8 supports this mandate by making it easy for users to access financial modeling functions, workbook solutions and supporting documentation and by offering comprehensive coverage of asset classes, including Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Credit, Inflation, Equities and Commodities.

A trader from a large North American bank recently told a FinancialCAD product manager, "I don’t know why anyone who is not in the business of building financial analytics would want to build these analytics and workbooks from scratch when FinancialCAD provides it for you. FinancialCAD’s numbers match the street. Any initial questions I had, which were few, were more than adequately answered by FinancialCAD’s support team."

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