Lightstreamer Supports Pushed RSS News Feeds to HTML Browsers.

Milano Italy, 17th January 2005. Lightstreamer, the innovative web push engine for live data distribution, announces the support for pushed RSS content to HTML browsers, without the need for additional plug-ins, applets or downloads. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other brief web content. With Lightstreamer, the RSS news is pushed to the client from the server and does not require the installation of specific RSS client software (News Reader / Aggregator) to ‘poll’ it from the client. Instead, any common web browser can automatically receive pushed RSS updates from the subscribed feeds as and when they occur.

This is also significant in terms of improved network efficiency and scalability because the RSS protocol is intrinsically ‘pull’, instead Lightstreamer ‘pushes’ the RSS updates in real-time to the browser by handling polling from the server to the RSS feed, eliminating unnecessary client page reloads. As opposed to RSS News Readers which poll or pull indiscriminately from each client at pre determined intervals, irrespective as to whether an update is present or not. This can subsequently load the network with unnecessary and inefficient traffic, especially as the number of users and subscribed feeds grow.

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