New portfolio-reporting technology provides secure, real-time
communications on Web

NEW YORK – Kledaras Technologies, Inc. announced today (date) that its breakthrough technology CecilRep 2.0 has been implemented at Liberty Corner Cash Management LLC of Summit, N.J.

"CecilRep 2.0 is an extraordinary software giving Liberty Corner’s portfolio managers the capability to provide our clients with secure, real-time, complex portfolio information over the Web," said Terry Pigott, the firm’s senior portfolio manager.

"It represents a whole new generation of software that frees us up to manage client investments," he added.

"Providing detailed and dynamic reports to our clients over a safe Web-based infrastructure is crucial to our business," said Sean McNamara, founder and managing director of Liberty Corner.

"The Cecil Rep 2.0 solution has proven to be on the money in reliability. It is cost-effective and organizes customer data in a clear, consistent way," said McNamara.

"CecilRep 2.0 represents a giant step forward in critical communications between asset managers and their clients," said George Kledaras, founder and managing director of Kledaras Technologies. "We are delighted that Liberty Corner has embraced this advanced product."

Kledaras pointed out that CecilRep 2.0 is designed to serve any number of portfolio clients and can meet the reporting needs of small, mid-sized and large asset managers.

"With this technology, asset managers also have a wide range of features to offer their clients, from sorting, searching and printing, to financial tables, charts and graphs over the Web," Kledaras said.

To ensure security, CecilRep 2.0 integrates identity and access monitoring and management appliances provided by Bayshore Networks LLC of New York City.

"We continue to add new features to help our customers fully automate their workflow of client, broker and custodian bank reporting," he added.
Based in New York City, Kledaras Technologies pioneers the development of advanced report automation for portfolio managers who must satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators everyday. Founder George Kledaras is recognized as a pioneer in developing solutions that use Internet protocol technologies so financial managers can communicate effectively with clients and counterparties.

Liberty Corner Cash Management LLC is a registered investment advisor with offices in Summit, N.J. It provides fixed income, securities lending, and investment management services, and currently has over $15 billion of assets under management. Clients include plan sponsors along with State Treasurer offices and other institutional accounts.

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