James Brearley & Sons Implement investmaster’s wealthmaster front Office

London, 11 January 2005 – Investmaster Group Ltd, the UK’s largest supplier of integrated systems for wealth managers and institutional brokers, today announced that James Brearley & Sons, a leading UK-based stockbroker and investment manager, has successfully implemented its Wealthmaster Front Office product. This comes as part of James Brearley & Sons strategy to achieve increased Straight Through Processing (STP) capabilities and to enhance their portfolio management efficiencies.

James Brearley & Sons already use Investmaster’s 4i-Core back office system and were able to quickly and easily interface Wealthmaster Front Office with 4i- Core, giving them a fully integrated front to back office solution.

Wealthmaster Front Office has initially been implemented at James Brearley & Sons’ Preston office and the plan is to roll it out to a further seven offices over the first quarter of 2005. By automating the front and back office operations, James Brearley & Sons now has an end-to-end solution that provides the comprehensive functionality they need to support their key business requirements.

Wealthmaster Front Office allows real-time interaction with clients’ portfolios and has its own order management and execution service. The recently enhanced version includes a number of important new features that add to the products already impressive core functionality. These features include portfolio modelling, performance measurement, order execution and pre and post-trade compliance.

The portfolio modelling functionality allows James Brearley & Sons to compare the portfolio holdings for both individuals and client groups against user defined models. Models can be constructed at sector or stock level and orders can be automatically generated to bring portfolios into line.

The presence of performance measurement capability makes it possible for James Brearley & Sons to compare the performance of a portfolio against either a recognised benchmark or user defined indices.

David Hannis, a Director at James Brearley & Sons said: "Over the course of the past couple of years, our funds under management and individual investment mandates have increased considerably. After reviewing a number of options we found Wealthmaster Front Office a most comprehensive offering which will now enable us to continue our expansion, yet maintain appropriate control over the positioning of clients’ portfolios on a day to day basis."

Commenting on the announcement, Tom Brady, Chief Executive Officer at Investmaster said: "It is great news for Investmaster to have yet another client live on Wealthmaster Front Office. One of the key factors behind the success of Wealthmaster Front Office is the ease with which it integrates with any back-office system, including Investmaster’s own Wealthmaster Settlement and 4i-Core."

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