Corporate Customers of Two Apama Investment Bank Clients and Two, Un-named Hedge Funds Use Apama to Adopt and Modify Trading Strategies on the Fly

London, 10 January, 2005 – Apama, pioneer of next-generation Trading Strategy Management (TSM) technologies, today extended its offering beyond the world’s leading investment banks and launched its product suite to the buy side community. Two existing Apama sell side clients, both global investment banks, are in the process of extending the use of Apama technology to their corporate customers to enable them to adopt and modify trading strategies on the fly, from their desktop, via the Internet. Apama also announced its first two hedge fund clients, marking a new phase in the financial services industry’s adoption of Apama technology.

Peter Beard, CEO, Apama, says: "The application of Apama’s technology reaches far beyond the internal confines of the world’s leading investment banks. Apama has captured the imagination of the buy side community. Our technologies enable players of all shapes and sizes, and their customers, to manage their trading strategies in real-time so that they can take advantage of market opportunities ahead of the competition."

Apama has a number of leading investment bank clients, including JP Morgan, Deutsche and ABN Amro. Apama’s platform can now be extended out to corporate clients and hedge funds enabling sell side institutions to continuously enhance and differentiate their services and offerings.

John Bates, CTO and co-founder, Apama, says: "Over the last year, we have seen an increasing demand among buy side financial institutions to establish greater control over the trading strategies operated by their prime brokers or specialist service providers. At a minimum, they want to tweak strategies to give them their own unique competitive differentiation. Some even want to build their own."

The Apama platform enables hedge funds to enhance the efficiency and cost benefits of a third-party black box system with the ability to go ‘inside the black box’ and apply their own intelligence to the process. Apama is making its mark in the US and European markets by signing up one hedge fund client in each geographic area.

Beard comments: "Hedge funds and their customers can now escape the relatively restricted black box environment to operate a more semantic method of trading. As the hedge fund industry has developed, it’s become increasing obvious that black boxes are great at what they are designed to do - but ultimately they create a level playing field. To stay ahead of the curve, hedge funds need to think out of what has become an ‘established black box’ and adopt more creative trading strategies. Using the Apama platform, hedge funds gain a new level of access and control over the trading strategies operated by their prime brokers or outsourced global securities service providers, while at the same time enjoying the cost-benefits of using a third-party system."

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