PolarLake focuses on non-XML enterprise data formats with the release of the PolarLake Integration Suite 4.1

Enhances support for enterprise data formats including Excel, OAG BOD, ANSIX12 EDI, HIPAA, UN-EDIFACT and FIX

Dublin, Ireland, 22nd February, 2005 – PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, today announces the release of the PolarLake Integration Suite Version 4.1, with greatly extended support for non-XML data formats. Other new features support the scheduling and monitoring of automated business processes.

The PolarLake Integration Suite is a leading, standards-based solution for the delivery of enterprise integration based on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture. Version 4.1 builds on this to significantly deepen support for enterprise data and message formats. Supported formats include binary data, common text formats, Excel, OAG BOD, ANSI X12 EDI, UN/EDIFACT EDI, FIX and HIPAA.

The release supports the runtime conversion between these formats and XML formats based on graphically defined mapping. This enables deep integration of almost any data or message format into PolarLake-based integration solutions, and thus supports the easy inclusion of almost any existing enterprise data within an ESB or Service Oriented Architecture - a critical requirement in real-world, heterogeneous environments.

"The real-world is full of applications and middleware supporting mostly non-XML data formats," said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake. "The release of version 4.1 recognises this by adding support for automated translation between a wide range of non-XML data formats and XML. This allows enterprises to migrate to an ESB architecture and access the productivity gains that the PolarLake Integration Suite delivers, without disrupting existing non-XML systems."

In addition, Version 4.1 provides

Enhanced web-based operational monitoring of business processes based on the BPEL standard Comprehensive job scheduling functionality that automates the initiation of business processes or events Support for WS-Addressing, incorporating endpoint references and message information headers within XML messages in a standards-based manner "Our support for non-XML data formats, combined with a proven ability to drive down the cost of integration and deliver genuine ROI, confirms PolarLake as the leading ESB vendor for customers serious about integration," added Ronan Bradley.

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