Credics Technologies Launches Petrol Card Solution

Credics Technologies Ltd., a leading Financial Software provider, has announced the launching of its Petrol Card Platform based on its award winning, card processing technology.

Credics GPI (Gas Processing Infrastructure) is designed to provide Petrol Firms, Fleet Managers and Drivers with an advanced marketing and management tool to enhance their purchasing experience in the full retail and corporate scope. Credics GPI is capable of providing a wide range of services, from refueling, selling oils and other low cost services, up to advanced services such as direct link to card processors with high traffic communications.
Unlike existing solutions, which provide strong station functionalities, but offer very weak processing capabilities, Credics GPI was designed from a processor's point of view and offers a flexible and advanced, total system solution, which has

- High Performance
- A Marketing Oriented / Promotions approach
- Nearly perfect Scalability
- 99% application Availability
- Total flexibility
- International Connectivity (Visa, MasterCard etc.)
- Flexible Reports Generation
- Web Based Services

Credics GPI is the ultimate solution for managing transactions at gasoline stations/centers and affiliated convenience stores and provides them with a powerful marketing and promotional tool. It is completely compatible with a numerous range of hardware solutions that exist in the market today. It can interact with many payment devices (POS, gasoline nozzle, etc.) and can interface seamlessly with petrol station management software.
Credics GPI has completely configurable parameters and processes for managing the relationships with other parties (gas stations, vehicle fleet management, suppliers, credit card companies, etc.) as well as implementing business development schemes and managing all resources

The system unique capabilities include:

- Fast and smart implementation of core systems (12-16 weeks)
- Progressive billing according to usage, demographic data, activity level and customer type
- Fast addition of promotions and business schemes
- Seamless connectivity with existing software and with any payment mechanism
- High security level for data
- Completely configurable CRM
- Quick and safe data migration, integration and enrichment
- Unlimited relationships between accounts and unlimited card holders per account
- Failsafe Project – Always on time and within budget

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