Cinnober Welcomes Catella as a new Shareholder

In the beginning of 2005 the financial group Catella acquired 12.8 percent of Cinnober. Catella bought already existing shares from stockholders of Cinnober. The remaining shares of Cinnober are owned by 120 different shareholders. "We couldn't hope for a better partner than Catella", Nils-Robert Persson, Chairman of Cinnober Financial Technology, says. "We have a high appreciation of each other's organisations and see each other as long-term partners".

For Catella this is a long-term investment, based on a strong belief in Cinnober's business idea and the company's continuous success. "We have been impressed by the strong growth Cinnober has shown historically. The company has an excellent reputation and strong competence in providing platforms for financial transactions to customers all over the world", says Stefan Widenfeldt, CEO of Catella Capital, the asset management operations of Catella.

CScreen is now a key part of the equity derivatives market in Europe

In the recent months the electronic broker platform for online price dissemination and price negotiation CScreen has seen a large increase in activity. Several new broker firms have signed up as users and the current users have increased their activity in the application. Some of CScreen's new users are:

ETC Pollak Prebon
Jual STA

More than 800 traders from 150 banks, market makers and 300 brokers from 90 broker firms now have access to CScreen. A daily average of 60 banks and market markers and brokers from 30 broker firms login. 1100 orders are on average entered into the system and they are constantly updated with new and competitive prices during the day. CScreen is now a key part in the process of doing business in the equity derivatives arena.

If you are a broker or trader, please visit CScreen at

Direct access to the Cinnober developed LME Select platform for DrKW and Reuters clients

On January 31 Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Reuters announced a cooperation in which they provide mutual Reuters and DrKW customers with direct access to the LME Select system. Their clients can now route orders from the Reuters 3000Xtra and RTC-Kobra systems through to DrKW's GATOR system for execution at the LME. Click here to review the entire press release by DrKW.

The LME Select system provides electronic trading at the LME in parallel to the open outcry market. It is built on the TRADExpress Trading Engine on to which special features, tailored to meet the need of the LME and electronic metal trading, have been added.

Cinnober - Marketplace Technology

Cinnober Financial Technology AB (Cinnober) is a successful and rapidly growing IT company, developing marketplace technology products for the financial, energy and commodity markets.

Cinnober is a private company, established in 1998. Currently there are 120 shareholders.

Our Product Portfolio

Our TRADExpress product portfolio includes:

Trading Engine
Trading Clients
Trade Manager - for post trade matching and registration
CScreen - an electronic broker platform

All our products are based on the TRADExpress platform - the heart of our business. The TRADExpress platform provides a technical and functional base for exchange, bank and brokerage firm services. Its core is the on-line trading platform for equities, derivatives and other financial instruments. Various add-on services can be connected to the platform.

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