London - 1 February 2005 - There is currently a huge wealth of skilled workers available for recruitment from overseas but too many UK organisations are not tapping into this international talent pool and, as a result, are recruiting a weaker calibre of staff or not recruiting at all. According to Larry Cucchi, International Managing Director at Peopleclick, the global leader in workforce management technology and services, UK businesses need to get savvier about using technology to access the 21st century global labour market.

According to Cucchi, companies must be proactive in ensuring their own websites are more geared to attracting international workers. Website options should invite email applications and allow candidates to submit their CVs in multiple languages online. Posting vacancies onto online global job boards like, and using recruitment technology to manage and filter the resulting applications, is also an excellent way of drawing international workers, as is working with international recruitment consultants.

Cucchi sees a more global approach to recruitment as key to finding the right personnel: "In the UK, businesses are struggling to cope with the shortage of skilled workers, with one of the biggest bottlenecks being the IT sector. Opening up the field to international workers can drastically improve the volume and most importantly, the quality of applications.

"Technology is changing the way we recruit, making it much quicker and easier to find the best candidates from around the world. We are living in an ever-increasing and competitive marketplace, and businesses that have not switched onto these technologies are really running the risk of missing out on the best staff and, as a result, potentially losing competitive edge."

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