Viewtivity launch free trial of revolutionary system

Global Systems Group today launched a free trial version of their groundbreaking Viewtivity communications management system.

Success in business today is all about having up-to-date information when you need it, wherever you are.

One of the reasons for this is that organisations have become leaner and flatter. They are looking for tools that empower their people to become more productive without incurring huge overheads. Proof of this can be seen in the growth of areas such as mobile workforce, nomadic and home workers.

Add to this the fact that the internet, email and mobile phones have changed the pace of business life. People expect things now; they expect information to be up-to-date and available when they want it.

Viewtivity™ gives the people in an organisation a suite of tools for managing their communication with contacts, their activities and information. Because it is based on internet technology, it is always live, up-to-date and available to anyone within the business…anywhere in the world.

Imagine for a moment that you need to contact a client or customer.
Viewtivityâ„¢ gives you their details, as well as a history of any contact they have had previously with anyone else in your organisation. Previous telephone conversations, meetings, email and correspondence, it's all there for you in Viewtivityâ„¢. You look at a past quote given by a colleague and need to check the latest company pricing; take a look in your Viewtivityâ„¢ organisational library where you will find all the up-to-date documents that you need. You make your call and the contact asked for some more details. Simply send them an email through Viewtivityâ„¢ and schedule a follow-up call with its easy-to-use contact management tool.

You could be anywhere in the world and have access to the same live information as Viewtivityâ„¢ is available from any Internet connected PC.

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