April 25, 2005 - The Collections Accelerator from Premiere Global Services (formerly Xpedite), designed to help businesses chase up overdue payments, has generated a £6,000 return on investment in a recent trial.

Simon Bushell, general manager, Premiere Global Services UK explained: "We actually trialled the product ourselves internally to help contact 330 overdue account holders with debts of £500 and under and it dramatically increased the rate of payment - it generated £6,000 of revenue that might otherwise have been lost, and considering the product itself only costs £120, that’s quite a significant cost saving."

The Collections Accelerator automatically contacts account holders by phone when a payment is overdue or when their accounts are about to be turned over to collections agencies. By using text-to-speech translation the user can insert personalised information into the phone message including the amount owed and to whom, a call back number and a reference number. Customers can also be transferred directly to a live agent to make their payment immediately.

After the message has been sent, the Collections Accelerator generates a comprehensive web-based delivery report showing which messages were delivered, at what time and how long the message was played for, indicating how favourably it was received and whether a follow-up is necessary.

Simon Bushell continued: "Because the Collections Accelerator contacts debtors early on in the process, payment rates are dramatically increased and businesses can often avoid having to pass a debt to an outside collection agency."

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