Brasfield Launches Two New Security Related Products for Banks

Birmingham, AL (November 2, 2004) Brasfield Technology, LLC, a trusted provider of technology products and services for financial institutions announces the launch of two new products developed specifically for community banks.

iDetect is an intrusion detection system that acts as a filter on all network traffic between the bank and the Internet, as well as a second layer of defense in case the bank’s firewall is compromised. It can block incoming email viruses and reduce advertisements and pop-up ads in individual web browsers. By providing comprehensive logging and analysis tools, iDetect enables bank personnel to readily identify those systems that might have viruses and spyware installed. iDetect can also identify employees who may be abusing Internet privileges by downloading stolen music, pirated software, pornography, etc., and it will monitor the amount of time employees spend on the Internet. iDetect provides real time alerts to bank staff when it detects focused attacks or when a segment of the network goes offline. For example, if the connection to one or more branches was lost, a designated bank employee would be alerted immediately and the problem could be addressed, minimizing downtime.

"Just as security camera is focused on an area of the bank that contains access to cash, such as teller lines and vaults, iDetect focuses on the servers that house valuable data and the routers and firewalls that contain access to that data," said David Brasfield, president and CEO of Brasfield Technology.

BT Mail is a security enhanced email service from Brasfield Technology. BT Mail comes standard with 50 mailboxes and uses SSL technology to encrypt emails in transit between employee PCs and Brasfield’s servers, reducing the risk of hackers listening in on your internal bank communications. BT Mail’s strict virus filtering, updated several times daily, minimizes a bank’s exposure to email viruses. And, by using restrictive rule sets and adaptive filtering programs, BT Mail eliminates 90-95% of junk email before it ever reaches employee inboxes. BT mail is also accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection through secure web mail.

"Email is a vital communication channel for most businesses today. Our security experts have developed an email product that provides the security and stability that community banks need," Brasfield said.

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