..UK's first '£-per-gigabyte' service.. Industrial-strength security and systems priced 75% cheaper than nearest rivals...

DataFort today launched PCFort - the world's first off-site backup service aimed squarely at PC/laptop owners, from home users to students, consultants to micro-businesses worldwide.

More and more people are storing their 'lives' are on their PC. For example, all of their children's photos, mortgage information or correspondence with attorneys, tax and financial advisors. But only a tiny percentage backup this data should the worst happen - theft, flood, fire, accidental damage, etc..

U2 singer Bono describes his laptop as "his portable brain" and could have saved lost song lyrics if he'd backed up to PCFort when his laptop was stolen from his car during the making of their hit album All That You Cant Leave Behind.

"What can a home user do to backup their PC?" asks Gavin Smith, Founder and CEO at DataFort. "External hard drives and traditional tape drives are too expensive, and if your house burns down, so does your backup! Automatic and efficient, off-site backup is the answer - it has gone from strength to strength in the commercial world in recent years - but until PCFort it has been far too expensive and complicated for home user"

All computer users need to backup:
· Digital photos
· Wills, home finance and legal files
· Letters, email and correspondence
· Essays, coursework and theses
· CVs, references, and job files

PCFort comes from DataFort, a software development and service company that has specialised in off-site backup and disaster recovery systems to businesses around the world for the past five years. Smith is keen to differentiate their service from 'garage vendors' and warns against PC users backing up their precious data to email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo! and Google.

"While free one gigabyte web mail accounts may sound tempting, it's a risky game to use what is essentially e-mail storage provision for backing up precious personal files," he says. "Recent cases of people losing all of their files from an Internet e-mail account is proof enough that, when it comes to storing and retrieving critical data, the best option is through a tried-and-tested service that can prove its security and resilience."

Pricing & Availability
PCFort backup accounts cost £1.99 per gigabyte per month for UK users, EUR2.99 per month for European customers and $2.99 per month for US customers. It is available exclusively through PCFort website.

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