Nastel Launches Transaction Monitoring Module for Complete Message Flow

. AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0 built as Service Oriented
Architecture (SOA)

New York, 23 November, 2004 - Nastel Technologies, the provider of monitoring and automation software for the Enterprise System Management (ESM) sector, today announced the launch of the latest version of its Transaction Monitoring Module: AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0.

Nastel has offices in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific and its clients are
Global 2000 Companies in vertical markets such as financial services, retail
and manufacturing. Clients include, amongst others, UBS, Lehman Brothers,
Fidelity Investments, General Electric and AT&T. Nastel's AutoPilot product
suite provides end to end visibility into the performance of business services, by monitoring the applications and middleware that drive business processes and transactions. The solution operates in real time and proactively identifies faults, failures, and processing anomalies within application processes, automatically issuing alerts that have been customized to provide management users with the exact information required to action any potential issues before business processes become affected.

AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0 automatically tracks transactions and messages that flow in the WebSphere MQ network end-to-end, and uses a message interception facility to ensure smooth message flow and minimal impact on the performance of an application. AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0 enables users to monitor, record, track, and troubleshoot WebSphere MQ messages as they are transmitted across a network in real time.

This new product version is a complete message flow management tool that automatically determines message types and formats, and has the ability to trace or pinpoint the exact location of a message at any point in the network. The user is able to:

. Monitor messages and check the status at any time of any message sent
. Instantly find a particular message at any point in the network
. Detect compromised or incomplete transactions
. Provide precision and granular information on any anomaly and performance bottlenecks
. Plan for future growth, detect patterns, and measure capacity

The system alerts created by AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0 have been
specifically designed to notify each business unit with the relevant information in accordance with their specific needs, allowing each department to act before their critical business processes become affected. Using AutoPilot/TM business units can make sure their Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements are met, and that they also meet government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley and the Health Insurance Accountability Act (HIPPA),.

The latest version has undergone significant development using results and
feedback from existing users, and offers increased functionality and scalability, including:

. The ability to detect transactions with monetary value using
predefined rules
. Built in reports on transaction activity on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
. User defined, rule based policies for real-time monitoring of all message exchanges
. A proactive notification and automated action function based on user
defined criteria

AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor v4.0 has been built as a Service Orientated
Architecture (SOA), taking into account the needs and demands of business users from different disciplines. The product is therefore a globally available, scalable, compact and efficient solution that has short implementation and configuration timescales.

David Mavashev, CEO at Nastel Technologies commented: "We continue to work
closely with our customers in order to ensure our products meet their needs.
They all work in time critical, dynamic businesses and their IT systems need to be achieving peak performance at all times to ensure operational efficiency. The improvements in this latest version of AutoPilot/Transaction Monitor deliver enhancements in performance monitoring that enables users to be proactive in managing their transaction processing flows. We firmly believe our ability to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, and ensure they are achieving optimum return on their IT investments, enables us to maintain our position as leaders in the ESM market."

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