Sun Microsystems Powers Global Smart Card Market; Java Technology Enabled Cards Top Three Quarters of a Billion

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. AND PARIS, FRANCE - Cartes IT & Security (Stand 4 M 82) - November 2, 2004 - Sun Microsystems Inc, the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, today announced that it's award-winning Java Card technology platform has reached a milestone of 750 million deployments, a growth of more than 50 percent in one year.

With more than three quarters of a billion units deployed -- up from 400 million cards announced at Cartes IT & Security 2003 -- Java Card technology is the premier platform for supporting dynamic, secure smart cards across a variety of markets, including mobile telephony, financial services, government, healthcare, enterprise ID and other markets. Enabling multiple applications to co-exist on a single card, Java Card technology enhances privacy, trust and security on the network. Organizations like the United States Department of Defense, the Bureau of National Health Insurance of Taiwan and the Government of Belgium rely on Java Card technology for its security, interoperability and adherence to open standards.

In the mobile data services market, compelling new content has brought 2.5 and 3G networks to life. Operators have standardized on Java technologies in handsets to power mobile data services and GSM SIM and 3G USIM cards to authenticate network access and SIM-based applications.

Some Java Card deployment highlights include:

Mobile Telephony -- Major GSM operators worldwide have standardized on Java Card technology in SIM Cards to authenticate network access and SIM-based applications. In Korea, the SK Telecom MONETA rollout is just one milestone in the technological advancement of mobile services worldwide. Utilizing Java Card technology coupled with Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), SK Telecom created MONETA -- the world's first wired and wireless integrated financial service. Consumers will be able to engage in a series of financial services by either using the Internet or inserting a MONETA card into their mobile phones. These services include the ability to make credit card and other mobile payments, conduct MBANK mobile banking, m-Stock trading and investing and even order a customized financial consultations. The MONETA card can potentially transform SK Telecom customers' mobile phones into credit cards, membership cards, tickets and transportation passes.

Financial Services -- Major banks and credit card companies around the world such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard have introduced EMV Java Card technology-based smart cards. EMV is a smart card standard that was created in 1996 by Europay, MasterCard and Visa, providing worldwide interoperability and security. Banco do Brasil, Latin America's largest bank, is the latest to deploy Java Card technology.

Government and Enterprise ID -- As the need for authentication and security increases, governments around the world are examining Java Card smart card technology for enabling next-generation high-tech passports. A small, contactless chip enabled by Java technology can securely store data including the passport holder's name, place of birth and biometric data such as iris scan, fingerprints and photos. Governments from Taiwan, Thailand, Belgium and others have already selected Java Card technology as the core platform for their citizen identity cards.
"Sun Microsystems' Java card technology is a key component of MONETA and has enabled SK Telekom to deliver a range of services that, just a few years ago, would be considered a flight of imagination," said Mr. Jin-Seok Cha, vice president of MONETA business division, SK Telecom. "By utilizing Java Card and J2ME on the same phone, SK Telekom is transforming our services, re-enforcing the value of smart cards and bringing a new level of security, authentication and identity management that is critical for mobile services to succeed."

"Java Card products lead the industry for dynamic, secure, multi-application smart cards around the world. Java Card technology allows card issuers to dynamically modify the services and applications on the card as the user's needs change, without incurring additional costs to replace the card. This will provide customers with the flexibility to adapt to their future mobile needs," said Peter Cattaneo, director of Java Card Business, Sun Microsystems.

At Cartes IT & Security 2004, Sun is demonstrating a new enterprise security product, Java Card Enterprise Software. The Java Card Enterprise Software allows interoperability of the Java Card technology platform with different computing environments. In order to help reduce deployment costs. This preserves the security and interoperability benefits of Java-technology based smart cards while radically reducing the cost and complexity of adding strong authentication to existing identity management solutions. Java Card Enterprise Software provides application developers and integrators with helpful tools to easily integrate the Java Card technology platform with the Sun Java Enterprise System and the Sun Java Desktop System, as well as with other legacy or optional identity management software.

For more information on Sun Microsystems and the Java Card platform, please visit Sun at Stand 4 M 82.

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