Linedata Services’ LongView Trading provides seamless access to Liquidity Pools

London, 16 November 2004 - Earlier this year, Linedata Services announced the success of its Liquidity Alliance Program, designed to formalise best-of-breed relationships and provide LongView Trading customers with more efficient trading mechanisms, superior access to liquidity and a reduction in errors.

In the past, many organisations have requested a FIX-based interface between LongView Trading and their specific execution destinations. This was the initial catalyst for the Liquidity Alliance Program two years ago, where Linedata Services builds, maintains and supports custom interfaces for its customers. Linedata Services connects to any liquidity provider via FIX and has seen further increases in demand to access specific trading destinations this year.

Here are some of the customers who selected LongView Trading’s internal FIX engine in 2004:

In the first half of this year, Linedata Services was delighted to announce that Britannic Asset Management was the first organisation in Scotland to use FIX to enhance its trading process. Betsy Anderson, Head of Centralised Dealing at Britannic Asset Management, said, "We wanted to be able to route our orders to our brokers and receive executions electronically with little or no manual data entry."

F&C already trade Equities via FIX and are now looking to automate the trading of their Fixed Income assets via FIX. Alan Line, Director / Head of Dealing at F&C, and recently elected as Co-Chair of the FIX Global Steering Committee, stated, "Like all businesses, we constantly look at ways to improve our processes. We aim to achieve the maximum efficiency and, ultimately, deliver the best possible service to our customers."

Bank of Ireland Asset Management (BIAM) has been using the FIX Gateway through LongView Trading for almost three years and has achieved substantial efficiencies in its trading operations as a result. BIAM now uses the system for its equity, fixed income, unit funds, FX and forward FX trading activities.

Tommy Cronin at Bank of Ireland Asset Management’s Projects Office commented, "Following the successful implementation of LongView and FIX we have achieved substantial efficiencies and the benefit of this is that we have more time to concentrate on our core business of managing money."

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