Javelin Technologies Releases TradeScope™ 2.0 . New Version of FIX Monitoring Software Enables Extensive Customization

NEW YORK, November 16, 2004- Javelin Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NYFIX, Inc. (Nasdaq: NYFX), and the leading supplier of FIX solutions to the global securities industry, today announced that the Company has released version 2.0 of its FIX monitoring tool, TradeScopeâ„¢. The new version includes a number of enhancements designed to improve performance and customize the FIX monitoring experience.

TradeScope 2.0 takes the monitoring application beyond being a tool for Javelin’s market leading Appia™ FIX Engine but now offers a Client and Server side Software Developer’s Toolkit (SDK) that allows firms to customize TradeScope to monitor other FIX infrastructure components or other fix engines.

TradeScope 2.0 also features a distributed message browser for high FIX message throughput environments. The new version also adds support for Single-Sign-on environments and an access control mechanism. An enhanced alert subscription mechanism enables greater flexibility in creating user alerts and TradeScope’s new FIX Message Watcher Agent generates alerts based on specific criteria.

In addition, TradeScope’s Log Pattern Matcher agent can be used to process any log file (not just FIX log file) and generate alert events when a line of text in the log file matches a configurable set of patterns. The addition of a Software Developer Toolkit also simplifies further customization of the product, and enables users to create their own web pages within TradeScope as well as custom events and alerts.

"TradeScope brings FIX monitoring to the next level by enabling technical and business users alike to keep abreast of a firm’s FIX trading activities in real-time," commented Keith Jamaitis, President of NYFIX USA. "As the FIX messaging process continues to evolve, tools like TradeScope will enable users to effectively and efficiently track a firm’s activities without FIX training, this tool helps bring the FIX protocol to the business user," added Mr. Jamaitis.

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