The first third party advertising campaign to run across a UK banking ATM network has been launched by Scottish-based software and consultancy firm i-design for British Airways. The advertising, which is part of the airline's ongoing price reappraisal campaign, will appear across 119 ATM's in the Nationwide Building Society network using a unique advertising medium developed by i-design.

The new medium, ATM:ad, is a comprehensive, end-to-end advertising solution, developed by i-Design. They have partnered with Nationwide Building Society for the launch of the British Airways campaign, which will see on-screen ads displayed across 119 Nationwide ATM sites on BP service station forecourts and in London Underground stations from May 24th.

ATM:ad is an advertising software solution that manages the process of creating, scheduling and implementing advertising across multiple ATM networks. One of its key benefits is its ability to retain and record key data every time an ad is displayed. It will be able to tell British Airways exactly how many people have interacted on a one-to-one basis with their message during the course of the campaign. ATM:ad also includes the flexibility to tailor copy to different geographical locations - ensuring that the adverts customers see on-screen are relevant to them.

It delivers four high-impact advertising modules that seamlessly integrate with the customer's interaction at the ATM. The first is 'Attract', a sequence of video, animation or static screens exclusive to the advertiser, and which catch the attention of passers by and prospective customers. The second is 'In-transaction', a series of short, sharp reinforcing messages, displayed during periods when the customer has to wait for processing or cash-counting, for example. The third is during the 'thank you' message and the final module is the 'Receipt' - a printed takeaway reminder of the campaign - on which can be printed a logo, website address or a call to action.

Poster Publicity, the specialist out-of-home media planning and buying agency, booked ATM:ad to form part of the long term integrated 'Price Reappraisal' campaign for British Airways. James Copley, Group Account Director at Poster Publicity said: "ATM:ad is an excellent way of extending a message to a mass audience, and on an intimate one-to-one basis. The BP service stations and London Underground network that we have chosen will guarantee high levels of transactions but will also provide tremendous additional opportunities to see due to their high profile locations"

Poster Publicity selected specific ATM sites for the campaign. The combination of 65 BP service stations and 54 London Underground stations will, in addition to the OTS of 5.3 million, deliver a one-to-one audience of 1.3 million, 40% of which will also take away a printed reminder message on their transaction details receipt.

Jayne O'Brien, British Airways Head of UK and Ireland Marketing, said: "This move is part of our strategy to reach out to our customers in their everyday life. We trialled ATM in the past and it proved to be a successful way of communicating our low prices to a mass audience."

i-design is working with a growing number of other network providers including the Co-operative Bank and ran a highly successful pilot campaign on the Moneybox network of ATM's. Its collaboration with Nationwide Building Society however, marks the first implementation of a large-scale advertising campaign on an ATM network. The two companies have agreed a long term exclusive agreement which will enable i-design to sell the space which becomes available on the Nationwide network to third-party advertisers.

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