EQUITY DEVELOPMENT CHOOSES PERFECT ANALYSIS. Perfect Information Provides Equity Development with Analytical Tool

London, 27th April 2004 – Perfect Information, the global provider of financial information, today announced that it has signed a deal with Equity Development, the corporate research house. Perfect Information is providing Equity Development with Perfect Analysis, a global securities tool that combines with leading sources of financial information to cover over 100,000 global securities. Perfect Analysis provides news, fundamental company data, pricing and economic data, broker forecasts and global indices.

"The nature of our business demands that we have ready access to price and fundamental support for the research publications we publish,” said Miles Saltiel, Head of Research, Equity Development. Although attainable from a variety of sources, a large proportion of our time is spent manually searching for and processing this information. Bringing on board Perfect Analysis has provided us with a winning combination of content, usability and economics, not least saving valuable time, which can be passed on to our clients. Due to the intuitive interface of Perfect Analysis, we also hope to soon develop more ambitious applications as our own standard publications complete their design iterations."

Equity Development has in particular benefited from the charting capabilities supplied by Perfect Analysis. The charting function has helped Equity Development ‘s users to chart and display data according to preferred time span or format and add and remove templates. In addition, by using the peer group functionality, users at equity Development can also create and compare their own portfolios of companies, industries or countries of choice.

"We are very pleased to embark on this relationship with Equity Development, one of the UK’s most dynamic corporate research houses", said Greg Simidian, Managing Director, Perfect Information. "Equity Development is already benefiting from its use of Perfect Analysis and looks set to enhance its own applications due to the functionality now provided by our product. We are already looking ahead to see how we can extend our offering to Equity Development to further increase its user experience."

Perfect Analysis – Content
- Global Equities Database – Up to 20 year archive for data on over 50,000 equities including price, volumes, marketing capitalisation, earning and dividends
- Indices – 12 year archive on over 12,000 indices
- Historical Fundamental data from Standard & Poors – 10 year archive on over 20,000 companies providing a high level of cross border and industry comparability resulting in improved searching and relative performance measurement
- International Newswire and Regulatory News Service Announcements.
- Perfect View. - Company briefing documents on over 30,000 companies
- Exchange Rates
- Macro Economics
- Forecast Earnings
- Broker Research (Multex 360)

Perfect Analysis – Key Features
- Extensive graphics package
- Report building and in-depth analysis
- Flexible searching across every content area of Perfect Analysis
- Easy to use peer group analysis
- Portfolio building and user created indices
- Content can be easily exported into PowerPoint and Excel with one click
- Tear sheet design (allowing in-house desktop publishing)
- Downloading capabilities with full support for other Windows applications
- Design own composite display, using company logo
- Cost effective and flexible pricing policy.

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