InterSystems brings Ensemble to CeBIT 2004 - Hall 3, Stand D43

Comprehensive Integration Platform Enables Rapid Implementation
- Software Hits Market with Proven Track Record of Successful Implementations -

18 March 2004, InterSystems will be drawing systems integrators together on stand D43, Hall 3 for the CeBIT launch of Ensemble, the only integration platform to incorporate the functionality of an integration server, application server, high performance object database and a unified development and management environment in a single, architecturally consistent product.

Ensemble’s unique architecture provides the power required to integrate the most complex systems quickly and efficiently, overcoming the barriers associated with integration projects today.

"Ensemble is a comprehensive, architecturally consistent product, that enables extremely fast integration and eliminates the excessive complexity and services costs typical of the ‘technology assembly’ approach of integration projects" says InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning, Paul Grabscheid. "This enables organisations to rapidly implement new business solutions that enhance the value of existing applications, orchestrate new business processes and integrate data across the enterprise.

Ensemble is an addition to InterSystems’ software product line, which includes the high performance post-relational CACHÉ database. For twenty five years, InterSystems has delivered high performance, extremely scalable, enterprise-level infrastructure software that supports rapid application development and deployment.

Committed to helping Ensemble users maximise rapid realisation of its benefits, InterSystems is partnering with professional services organisations to fulfil the requirements for implementation services typical of virtually every major integration project.

Ensemble excels at enabling rapid creation of composite applications - new strategic business solutions that integrate the functionality of existing applications, new business process logic, and data from across the enterprise. Ensemble features:

- Full-Spectrum Integration and Development - A unified graphical, XML and code-based development environment accelerates modelling and automating business processes for business analysts and developers and supports rapid, service-oriented development of composite applications that leverage existing data and functionality.

- Universal Service Architecture - Consistent, efficient object representation of disparate programming models and data formats enables use of the latest, most powerful development tools and technologies to access legacy data and functionality as reusable .NET or J2EE components, Web Services or XML. The risk of being locked into J2EE- or .NET-specific products is eliminated, and flexibility is maximised.

- Persistent Object Engine - A distributed, high performance, ultra-scalable, SQL-compliant object database, manages and stores all metadata, messages and process state information, without the costs and overhead typical of relational databases. Organisations receive all of the benefits of object technology, as well as real-time access to both live and previously processed messages for auditing and business activity monitoring (BAM), and high reliability and recoverability for long-running business processes.

- Customisable End-to-End Management - Easily customisable, extensible and seamlessly integrated management and monitoring facilities support rapid problem diagnosis and debugging, making it possible to optimise service levels and minimise staff burdens by automatically monitoring critical resources and generating alerts specific to any enterprise. As a result, operating expenses are reduced, and the potential for problems associated with using multiple tools from diverse vendors disappears.

Rapid Integration and Proven Results

Excessively complex integration products typically require years of implementation effort and are, all too often, expensive failures. In contrast, Ensemble provides a unique fusion of power and ease. As a result, business objectives can be fulfilled in exceptionally tight timeframes - a competitive differentiator key to the success of early Ensemble projects.

"In just 90 days, we were able to prototype a composite application that integrates information from five systems, all of which use different database structures and connectivity approaches," says Ben Harris, Deputy Secretary Operations and Information Technology for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

"After examining other products, it was clear that Ensemble’s ability to combine all of the integration technologies we needed in a single, seamless solution would result in less complexity and a significant decrease in time and cost than other approaches," Harris continues. Based on the success of the pilot, the agency is now involved in a statewide Web rollout of the Ensemble-based composite application that will eventually integrate information from 59 systems.

According to Fernando Vogt, director of system integrator Interconnections, "Our client, Petrobras, is the largest company in Latin America with revenues of about $30B. They were extremely impressed that Ensemble enabled us to go live with a project that involved integrating a multitude of heterogeneous applications and databases in less than four months.

"The speed of this project was particularly impressive because it was so complex, consisting of many different databases, plus new and legacy applications, from SAP, Vantive, and IBM among others. "

"BR Distributor, a fuel distribution subsidiary of Petrobras, is now running an Ensemble-based composite application to integrate business data via web services with its main customer, Usiminas, one of the most important steel companies in Brazil. This project allows Petrobras to invoice Usiminas electronically, which has brought significant benefits in performance and security."

Pricing and Availability

Ensemble is available immediately on the HP Alpha OpenVMS, HP Alpha Tru64 Unix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, SunSolaris and Microsoft Windows operating platforms. Ensemble Enterprise license pricing starts at €151,250 per CPU.

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