MarketXS Releases MarketXSPro 2.5

Amsterdam/Schiphol-Oost, 19 February 2004 - MarketXS, a leading provider of market data distribution technology and terminal solutions, today announced the official release of the newest version of its MarketXSPro(tm) for Windows® terminal application.

Version 2.5 of MarketXSPro(tm) for Windows® offers many new features and added content, including:

- New views to automatically generate and update all futures and constituents of a specific Index.
- Excel contribution functionality: a new service allowing users to push their proprietary data from Excel to any other MarketXSPro(tm) user.
- New Calendar window providing key financial calendar items including dividend announcements and publication of quarterly or annual results.
- Option calculator including Greeks.
- Dynamic streaming market movers and streaming VWAP.
- Detailed dividend information.
- Bond Spread Calculator to determine relative valuations versus benchmark bonds, including invoice function.
- Ratings.

MarketXSPro(tm) for Windows® delivers sophisticated analytics and in-depth, real-time information from markets worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. It combines comprehensive data and advanced functionality with a fully customizable user interface, an easy, Windows-based, navigation and a full streaming integration with Microsoft® Excel. The application obtains data through the Internet or leased lines using the firewall-friendly HTTP protocol, just like a web browser, and requires no additional investments in any local infrastructure.

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