Pensions and life assurance companies are offered the chance to test the quality of their information and assess the potential for improvement

Genus Systems, a provider of specialist data quality management software and solutions for the financial services industry, is offering to conduct a free initial data quality assessment to companies operating in the pensions and life assurance sector.

The company already has experience of working closely with companies in the sector and believes that there is considerable scope for improvement of data quality. "Many companies retain a vast quantity of information but have no way of assessing its quality or any way to improve on that quality", says Managing Director of Genus Systems, Darren Bradshaw.

Data that has been mistakenly entered into the wrong fields, duplicated, is incomplete or become corrupted can lead to massive inefficiencies and inflated costs for these businesses, he points out. "Simply having duplicated records means that two communications might be sent out rather than one, and having the wrong information may mean that communications are never sent to customers or prospects. When you add up the many different problems with data quality, the inefficiencies and costs are often very substantial indeed."

Genus is offering to examine samples of data, providing an initial 2 day assessment of the overall quality and indicate what measures need to be taken to rectify any problems, free of charge. The offer can be taken up without any risk or obligation says Bradshaw. "We believe there is a real need to identify problems and address them. We have a service to offer and in order to highlight the need we’re offering to conduct this free assessment. We’ll be very happy to talk to any company that believes they may have data quality issues without obligation."

Through its unique approach to data analysis and fixing, Genus is able to offer vast improvements in quality of data to organisations in the financial services industry, helping them to iron out problems and anomalies and making a positive impact on processing efficiency and reducing cost.

Genus Systems was formed last year by team of software experts who had worked together on various data quality and management projects for a major operator in the pensions and life assurance sector.

For more information about Genus Systems contact:
Darren Bradshaw, Managing Director
Tel: 0845 245 0339

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