Exelon Extends SunGard Implementation to Include Entegrate GMS for Gas Trading and Scheduling. Integrated Solution to Provide Straight-through Trading, Risk Management and Scheduling

NEW YORK, February 17, 2004-- SunGard Energy Systems, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced that Exelon, one of the largest electric utilities in the US, has successfully implemented SunGard’s Entegrate GMS solution for gas trading and scheduling. Entegrate GMS provides Exelon with an automated and integrated system to procure and path gas to an extensive fleet of operating plants, helping Exelon to improve efficiency and productivity. Entegrate GMS will be integrated with Exelon’s existing SunGard implementation for risk management, in order to tie gas assets into the overall risk profile of the business and provide a holistic view of energy risk. The seamless integration between solutions will help Exelon to increase automation and streamline its operation.

Exelon selected the SunGard gas management system because it required a more efficient process for scheduling and routing gas flows to its newly acquired fleet of gas fired generating plants, as well as for handling increased gas volumes to existing plants. Exelon further needed to establish integrated risk management of its gas and generation portfolios.

Entegrate GMS provides a complete array of gas trading and scheduling tools to initiate and track information, monitor contract information, manage gas purchases and sales, define, administer and manage pipeline contracts and distribution operations and prepare transaction settlements. It was implemented at Exelon in less than five months.

Paul Sierer, long term position manager, Exelon Power Team, said, "Our annual gas volumes have risen from 28 billion cubic feet (BCF) to over 100 BCF through acquisitions, development and other increases in our business. Using spreadsheets to manage these volumes became too unreliable, manually time-consuming and inefficient. SunGard Energy Systems has helped us to automate and streamline processes, establish consistency and reduce errors, and provide a straight-through processing environment from trading to scheduling to pathing gas on more than a dozen pipelines. Auditability has increased, and the same number of traders and schedulers who were handling 28 BCF can now handle 100 BCF. In addition, data will seamlessly flow through to risk control to provide a complete picture of gas supply risk to the corporation, rolling into the enterprise view of risk which includes power risk."

John Andrus, president of SunGard Energy Systems, said, "Our relationship with Exelon is an excellent example of how we help our customers achieve additional return on their investment in our solutions. We were able to provide a seamlessly integrated, single vendor solution to support Exelon’s growth, helping it achieve time-to-value with a five-month implementation. The integrated SunGard solution provides Exelon with a reliable infrastructure on which to manage the growth in its gas business, while boosting its operating efficiency and decision-making capabilities with straight-through processing and a consolidated view of operating and trading risk."

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