Lightstreamer support for Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Deepnet Explorer.

Milano, Italy, 5th August, 2004 - Lightstreamer push technology is continually enhanced by increasing its support for the broadest possible range of web browsers. Compatibility between Lightstreamer Server and Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Deepnet Explorer web browsers has been verified, with real-time data automatically updating these browsers in true push via HTML & JavaScript.

Lightstreamer is a "Push" engine middleware for streaming real-time data to web browsers and custom application clients (through Client API Libraries). When used in conjunction with web browsers no downloads (Java applets, ActiveX, etc.) are required to implement a push connection and display live data. You can easily add push capabilities to your own pure HTML front end's without altering the existing infrastructure. The architecture provides a straightforward means to rapidly deploy live data services, avoiding network security issues due to the use of standard HTTP(S) protocols without any form of tunnelling. With its unique 'Adaptive Streaming' capability it provides bandwidth control with individual user allocation and also network congestion management to eliminate data ageing.

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