Vistorm™ Unveils ViDefender

ViDefender Protects Networks by stopping Infected Laptops from gaining access to the corporate network.

INFOSECURITY EUROPE 2004, London, UK - (Tuesday April 27th, 2004) – Vistorm, a leading provider of security solutions and managed services, today announced ViDefender - a solution to help organisations protect their information assets from the potential threat of infection from mobile devices.

According to the DTI ISBS 2004 report, the threat of viruses, worms and infected files remains one of the most significant causes of security breach. Over 72% of UK businesses reported security incidents resulting from such attacks in the last year.

Vistorm’s own research also identifies that an increasing number of businesses are providing remote connectivity to their employees, business partners, contractors and customers. This increases the likelihood of exposing an organisation’s network to the potential threat of compromise by infected third-party devices such as laptops and PDAs that bypass the perimeter firewall and connect directly to a network.

ViDefender provides protection from infection by mobile assets by creating three virtual networks on the same physical network segment:

- Test network: In this area ViDefender observes the behaviour of any new system (e.g. laptop, PDA) in a safe and segregated environment to identify any possible vulnerabilities or infections that could compromise the corporate network.
- Quarantine network: ViDefender places any infected systems into a quarantine area where any identified vulnerabilities or infections can be further analysed and fixed prior to providing access to the main network.
- Corporate network: ViDefender provides access to the main corporate network for all systems that successfully pass the test network evaluation.

"ViDefender offers significant advantages over alternative quarantine solutions," said Dr. Rhodri Davies, Head of Security Technology at Vistorm. "As organisations open their networks to users with systems that may compromise the overall security of their operations, ViDefender can identify and isolate individual ‘dirty’ machines before they connect to a network."

ViDefender requires minimal changes to existing network configurations. It does not need any software to be installed on the client laptop to perform its behavioural analysis and determine whether a system is ‘clean’ or requires attention prior to connection to a corporate network.

ViDefender provides protection from the growing threat of worm infections and ensures that mobile users can no longer compromise an organisation’s overall network security.

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