MarketXS Renews WestlandUtrecht Financial Website

Amsterdam/Schiphol Oost, April 27, 2004 - MarketXS, a leading provider of market data distribution technology and trading solutions, and WestlandUtrecht Effectenbank N.V. (formerly Amstgeld), today announced the launch of the new WestlandUtrecht financial website.

WestlandUtrecht Effectenbank N.V. is the new name for Amstgeld as per April 5, 2004, emphasizing the more intensive co-operation with its parent company Westland/Utrecht Hypotheekbank N.V. and the combined product offering based on equities and mortgages. WestlandUtrecht is part of the ING Groep.

The new internetsite offers extensive information on both mortgage and investment products. The financial part of the website is looked after and hosted by MarketXS, and is styled in line with the new identity of WestlandUtrecht. In addition to up-to-date stock quotes, an online tool is offered for the selection of Amstfund Investment Funds.

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