IDOM’s DOC-Tracker is the Solution for the Royal Bank of Canada

MIAMI, FL, October 21, 2003 – IDOM Miami, LLC is pleased to announce that the Royal Bank of Canada, Miami Agency (RBC), has purchased DOC-Tracker to automate their documentation management and tracking processes for 5 separate banking operational sites, located in Miami, New York, Bahamas, Barbados and Grand Cayman.

DOC-Tracker is a modular, client-server application that addresses the documentation management, control and compliance needs of today’s businesses. DOC-Tracker provides the facility to specify supporting documentation requirements and track the condition and receipt of all types of Customer, Lending, Trade Finance and other related documents. Whether provided, or produced in physical or digital form, documents to support customer and/or the business activity may be recorded, accessed and reported upon. Each DOC-Tracker Module features the ability to instantly specify user and regulatory defined documentation requirements to help meet business and regulatory compliance requirements. All Modules have the option of an integrated imaging application, which allows you to link third party images to the document being tracked.

"We are excited to have DOC-Tracker serve the needs of the Royal Bank of Canada," said Vincent Raniere, IDOM’s President & CFO. "Complying with the rise in documentation requirements, for example; those associated with the USA PATRIOT Act, CIP (Customer Identification Program), KYC (Know Your Customer), EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) and business controls, is an ever-growing, daunting task. One that has become nearly impossible to manage without comprehensive compliance documentation management tools in place. With the installation of our software, RBC will be able to enjoy a streamlined, centralized management of the documentation requirements for all of their U.S. and Caribbean branches."

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