HelioGraph Launches Tradeflow TPM

Transaction Process Management approach redefines STP to offer combined operational and business intelligence framework

Sibos, Singapore, 20 October 2003 - HelioGraph Ltd, the specialist provider of Transaction Process Management solutions, today launched TradeFlow TPM - the Transaction Process Management solution for the securities industry.

Building on the success of TradeFlow, the Electronic Trade Confirmation and Settlement (ETC and ETS) solution, TradeFlow TPM is designed to cater for all levels of connectivity, messaging, workflow, exception management, alerting, matching and business intelligence in order to realise HelioGraph's vision of Transaction Process Management. TradeFlow TPM gives firms the ability to manage, measure, and monitor critical business processes, identifying and reducing operational risk using trusted data, integrated systems, and harmonized processes, via a single user interface.

The application is designed to compliment and work in conjunction with existing internal order management, risk and accounting applications, databases and message queuing infrastructures as well as standard interfaces to services from electronic trading platforms, Omgeo, DTCC and SWIFT. Standard TPM 'packs' are available to achieve market-leading functionality in all these segments.

There are up to eight functional segments within TradeFlow TPM, from connectivity and support for industry standard formats, to support for ETC and ETS workflow models. Specific risk scenarios can trigger proactive alerting and operational exception management tools. TradeFlow TPM's single infrastructure can be used for operational metrics and data analysis. The combination of proven integration and exception management capabilities with a highly scalable web-enabled front-end is a significant benefit of TradeFlow TPM. The architectural flexibility of the solution allows for straightforward future expansion of the users' operational environment. TradeFlow TPM offers a single environment to design, execute and monitor any required workflow, data model and integration parameters. This means that the use of lower-level components and shared metadata is maximised whilst cost of ownership is driven down with every change in connectivity, project scope, or integration requirement.

Amery Thomas, HelioGraph's Managing Director, comments: "TradeFlow TPM is the logical step up in our aim to lead the market for intelligent solutions to the operational concerns of post-trade securities processing. It is designed to give business users the full benefits of a transaction process management solution dedicated to securities processing."

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