Delta Data Software Announcement

FUNDLinx Version 5.0 Release

COLUMBUS, GA, October 1, 2003 - Delta Data Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.0 of its FUNDLinx automated mutual fund processing software. The key enhancements to the software platform are its new Finders Fee processing functionality; and Sub-Omnibus accounting and share reconciliation.

Finders Fees

Version 5.0 supports the calculation of finders fees on eligible trades. This includes the ability to calculate fees based on a tiered rate structure. Finder fee calculations tie in with 12b-1 trailer fees where a 12b-1 contract requires the finder fee eligible trades to be excluded for a user-defined aging period.

Sub-Omnibus Accounting and Share Reconciliation
With Version 5.0, we are pleased to announce the addition of full sub-omnibus reconciliation capability. This enhancement required several changes in order to provide automated reconciliation of sub-omnibus accounts. These changes are: 1) system maintained sub-omnibus positions; 2) new preference options for updating position balances for reinvested dividends at the sub-omnibus level; and 3) new auto reconciliation batch function for sub-omnibus accounts. The system will allow sub-omnibus reconciliations for either all omnibus accounts; or just omnibus accounts that are out of balance; or just for selected omnibus accounts.

Version 5.0 also includes the new Trading Activity Patterns reporting providing trade data analysis to assist in the identification of potential market timing activity.

For more information on FUNDLinx Version 5.0 or to schedule a software presentation, contact Rick Blum, National Sales Director or visit our website.

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