Trustcorps Launch TRUSHIELD(tm) v1.3 - Host Intrusion Prevention Systems Solution with Support for Windows

London - 7 May 2003 - Trustcorps, the specialist provider of Host IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) security software, today announced the launch of TRUSHIELD(tm) Version 1.3 from their e-warfare seminar in London.

TRUSHIELD(tm) is designed to prevent unauthorised system intrusion attempts on key servers and workstations by shutting down hack attacks before any damage occurs. Offering ease of deployment and 'generic class' protection that does not rely on signature databases or policy rules, TRUSHIELD(tm) is equally capable of preventing known and unknown attacks, reducing the need for 'panic patching' within large mission-critical organisations.

The latest version of TRUSHIELD(tm) has a number of added benefits for Users but the most significant of these is its ability to now support Windows 2000 servers and NT4 as well as Solaris and Linux. V1.3 also includes an enhanced User Interface which is more configurable; Users will now be able to view their notification alerts and alarms in an easy to use display panel and can choose to access them in a chronological list. Enrichment to the product comes in the form of additional reporting options so that the User can analyse the type of frequency of attacks that have been prevented by TRUSHIELD(tm).

At an e-warfare briefing today Trustcorps gave a live demonstration of its solution, showing how TRUSHIELD(tm) can prevent hack attacks where firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems fail. Nick Ray, CEO at Trustcorps comments: "We are delighted to be launching TRUSHIELD(tm) v1.3 in the UK and look forward to providing the greatest degree of server security available whilst radically reducing the typical time to deploy and ongoing cost of ownership."

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