New AFS Investpoint Professional Empowers Broker/Dealers With a Cost-Effective Platform for Advisors and Registered Reps

New York, May 5, 2003-Automated Financial Systems Corporation, a leading provider of software, service and support for broker/dealers and investment professionals, today announced the availability of AFS Investpoint Professional, the first and only broker workstation with integrated portfolio management. The new AFS Investpoint Professional workstation uniquely combines the comprehensive reporting functionality of portfolio management systems with the transactional capabilities of broker workstations into a single, browser-based platform. With AFS Investpoint Professional, broker/dealers may now offer a complete and cost-effective management tool to an increasing number of investment advisors and registered reps.

"Investment advisors are turning to broker/dealers for technology that gives them a competitive advantage and also saves them time and money. It is therefore a critical time for broker/dealers to step up with solutions than meet those needs and to find a way to do it for less," said Terry Thorsen, President, Automated Financial Systems. "By combining consolidated portfolio management, online trading, and workflow functionality, AFS Investpoint Professional for broker/dealers provides advisors with all the tools they need to replace expensive portfolio management systems, and provides many registered reps with those tools for the first time. For the firm, benefits include cost savings through software consolidation, increased productivity from reps, efficiencies through workflow, and reduced application management costs via an outsourced, browser-based solution."

AFS Investpoint Professional meets the needs of both advisors and registered representatives in a single platform. Superior portfolio management features include, AIMR compliant performance reporting, aggregation of DST data, projected cash flow calculations, householding, tax-lot accounting, and detailed reports. Robust broker workstation functionality includes STP online trading, order entry, mutual fund entry, electronic account opening, automated clearing house (ACH) movements, and account look-up. Raising the bar on existing brokerage solutions, AFS Investpoint Professional also offers advanced modules such as portfolio rebalancing, block and basket trading, and branch, regional, and firm management compliance reporting.

"Automated Financial Systems’ AFS Investpoint Professional will enable us to provide our 200 independent brokers, registered reps and advisors with advanced broker workstation functionality, including direct connectivity to our Beta Systems back office, at a fraction of the cost of current solutions, helping our representatives save hundreds of dollars per month," said Jay Carter, Managing Director of SAL Financial Services, a subsidiary of Sterne, Agee, & Leach Group, Inc., and long time Automated Financial Systems’ customer based in Birmingham, Alabama. "With new features such as DST integration, we will be able to give independent advisors valuable insight into their clients’ portfolios with an aggregated view of mutual fund and equity data, and allow them to conduct trades, all from the very same application. Automated Financial Systems’ affordable and sophisticated tool will help us to recruit new advisors and enhance existing advisor relationships."

Like all Automated Financial Systems’ products, AFS Investpoint Professional integrates directly with the back office, ensuring access to accurate data in real-time, and in turn, giving brokerages confidence in system data for both reporting and transactions. Unlike standalone portfolio management tools and several existing broker workstations that replicate data from nightly downloads, Automated Financial Systems provides native real-time support for all major back offices.

New AFS Investpoint Professional features include:

- AIMR Compliant Performance Reporting: AFS Investpoint Professional enables advisors to calculate portfolio returns for customers as per AIMR guidelines.
- Aggregation of DST data: AFS Investpoint Professional allows advisors to view aggregated mutual fund and equity data from their broker/dealer and from DST, giving them a comprehensive outlook on their entire portfolio. With a complete view of a client's every holding, AFS Investpoint Professional enables advisors to make the most informed recommendations, and conduct trades from the very same application.
- Projected Cash Flow: Adding to the advisor arsenal, AFS Investpoint Professional provides reports that analyze future income generated by a portfolio.
- Portfolio Rebalancing: Now advisors can create model portfolios and then rebalance brokerage accounts against those models. The completely integrated system makes trading recommendations and places those trades through STP for a complete end-to-end solution that eliminates tedious manual processes while protecting against mistakes.
- Office Level Compliance & Performance: New reports are available for office managers, regional managers, and firm managers to view rep and office activity, collecting the data they need to analyze their business, identify inconsistencies, and seek new revenue opportunities.

Available as a fully outsourced, customized solution via Automated Financial Systems’ redundant hosting facilities with 24x7x365 support, AFS Investpoint Professional meets the mission critical needs of brokerages, while at the same time significantly reducing IT costs over thick client and internal systems. Leveraging a time-tested, massively scalable architecture, AFS Investpoint Professional is rated to handle thousands of trades per day. Through a unique development approach, powered by Java, SQL and XML, Automated Financial Systems quickly supports the fastest implementation and customization times in the industry.

AFS Investpoint Professional is available immediately and can be deployed in less than 60 days through AFS’ existing infrastructure and connectivity to major back offices. Pricing is customized based on each firm's business requirements with a typical cost of less than $100 per investment professional per month, which includes Automated Financial Systems’ premium customer service and technical support.

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