BP's FuelMaster Switches to Mosaic Software's Postilion

London, UK & Cape Town, SA, 27th May 2003 - The partnership that Mosaic Software, the electronic payment solution provider, recently announced with Stowe Holdings (Pty) Ltd continues to pay dividends.

Mosaic Software's Postilion has already been implemented as the electronic funds switching product for BP's FuelMaster; and a second large fuel supplier recently followed suit for their electronic funds transfers and FuelMaster transaction requirements.

FuelMaster is a tag payment token, based on smart card technology, which replaces the use of the traditional plastic garage/fuel card, thereby reducing the risk of petrol fraud, providing reduced transaction time, facilitating advanced fleet transactions, and increasing client loyalty. FuelMaster is currently being offered to all holders of garage/fuel cards issued by two of the four major South African banks.

Postilion is implemented at transaction switching service providers contracted by BP, which receives notification of all EFT transactions concluded on Stowe's NetPos system installed at site level. Postilion routes the transaction ensuring that the correct funds and transaction fees are allocated to the correct recipients.

As a result of the collaboration between Stowe and Mosaic Software, the success of this partnership can now grow into further innovative offers to the market, such as integrated mobile payment solutions, pre-pay and loyalty schemes. Stowe's proprietary interface to Postilion is an additional feature of NetPos' capabilities of managing electronic point-of-sale transactions and methods of payment.

"Tag payment tokens are one of the many payment devices that can be offered in lieu of cash. Debit cards, EMV-compliant smart cards, credit cards, pre-pay vouchers, loyalty cards and mobile payments are the tokens that are being explored by Mosaic Software and Stowe, placing us in a position to process fuel forecourt transactions in landscapes that include multiple payment tokens," says Willem van Biljon, Mosaic Software's New Business Development Director.

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