Finance Media - Announces the launch of the Tenfore/FMLX Data Feed Solution

Finance Media a UK based provider of financial market applications and data
services, today announced the official launch of their new Tenfore/FMLX
Data Feed Solution.

Combining Finance Media's FMLX Feed server technology and the Tenfore
Wholesale data feed, the Tenfore/FMLX Data Feed Solution is a managed
Tenfore broadcast data feed covering Stocks, Futures and FX, streamed via
the Internet and presented in XML or a client's own choice of data format.

With un-rivalled ease of integratation, the new service has been developed
for retail and institutional financial web sites, on-line brokers,
application vendors, wealth management solutions, trading floors, corporate
web sites and intranets.

"The Tenfore/FMLX Feed Solution offers the breadth of market data
information available from Tenfore with the flexibility of the FMLX data
feed management technologies from Finance Media. You can select the data
you want, the markets you want, even down to the instruments you want and
then we can send it to you real-time, delayed, batched or streamed and all
in the format of your choice", said Jim Kissel, CTO Finance Media. "Then
with our simple to use FMLX API toolkit and standard data formatting, the
net result is that development and integration time-scales are reduced by
some considerable margin. In today's cost and time conscious environment
this is always a key factor when deploying any data-driven financial market

The Tenfore/FMLX Data Feed Solution offers access to most major stock and
commodity exchanges and FX markets from Tenfore and provides multiple data
scheduling options including - Data sent real-time, in one-minute up-dates,
delayed, delayed in one-minute intervals or streamed dynamically in real-time.

Delivery options include; Internet, leased line or VPN.

For more information please contact:
Graham Clark
Business Development
Finance Media
Tel: 44 (0) 1276 686928

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