Moneyline Telerate launches Momentum trading in a Partnership Agreement with Smart Trade Technologies

New York and Paris, December 17, 2002 - Moneyline Telerate announced it has signed an agreement with Smart Trade Technologies, in which Smart Trade will provide Moneyline Telerate with the transaction engine for its Momentum product suite.

Moneyline Telerate’s ‘Momentum’ solution is an open, financial network for distributing liquidity and information between sell-side dealers and their buy-side clients. With Momentum, Moneyline Telerate provides its customers with applications and connectivity that link dealers, their clients, ECN’s and its own market data applications into a single, seamless community.

Smart Trade is best known for its in-house matching system that allows banks to operate internal private exchanges. But it also provides technology for single-dealer, multibank and exchange communities.

Moneyline Telerate CEO Jon Robson said Moneyline Telerate selected Smart Trade for its core design which is multi asset class capable, "We chose Smart Trade because our buy side customers need access to all types of markets, and the Smart Trade technology allows us to offer solutions in any markets we want to support".

Momentum provides a turnkey distribution network for dealer liquidity and customer order flow across all asset classes.

"Buy-side investors and mid-market dealers require easy and ready access to the broadest and deepest available pools of liquidity. They want to be able to compare inventory and offerings, and execute on the most favorable terms. Momentum delivers this information to them efficiently and cost effectively via their existing Moneyline Telerate desktop or over the Internet through their desktop browser", says Alsun Keogh, Head of Business Development at Moneyline Telerate.

"Smart Trade skills come from a combined expertise in trading the markets and in building the systems and analytics that support those activities. With a unique and consistent focus, since its origin, on how distribution and transaction processes can be optimized within and between financial institutions, the system’s design is fine tuned to the financial markets yet encompasses the best of how technology can bring efficiencies to those markets and their participants" says Harry Gozlan CEO for Smart Trade.

Moneyline Telerate has already incorporated the Smart Trade engine into its architecture and plans to offer integrated click and trade functionality across all of its products from Active8 to its browser-based product WebStation.

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