Sophis launches the new version of Convertibles On-Line including innovative pricing techniques

Paris, January 10th, 2003 – Sophis, a premier provider of portfolio and risk management solutions today announced the release of a new version of Convertibles On-Line, its extensive data services with integrated pricing library for Convertible Bonds. This new version includes enhanced analytics as well as the latest novelties in Convertibles pricing: Partial Differential Equations (PDE).

By launching this new version of Convertibles On-Line software, Sophis is the first to have integrated a PDE solver engine in a Convertibles pricing tool. The use of PDE is a real step forward in the market of Convertibles. They indeed provide higher flexibility to take into account all events in the life of a derivatives underlying, and ensure more accurate pricing and Greek indicators.

The first version of Convertibles On-Line was launched in 1989, and has since benefited from continuous evolutions to meet market demand. This unique and comprehensive database with integrated analytics and pricing tools today covers over 2,000 international convertible bonds, from all European countries, USA, Japan and South-East Asia. Convertibles On-Line data is monitored by Sophis multinational Data Analyst team who provides daily updates of all historical data (bond prospectus, details of bond clauses, redemption conditions…). Convertibles On-Line also offers a wide range of analytics (historical/implied volatilities, yield curves...) and a large library of pricing models. Convertibles On-Line is designed for all Convertible bonds trading and brokerage operations and is used by traders, market makers, sales people, asset managers, analysts and researchers in more than 40 financial institutions worldwide.

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