moves into 2003 with impressive growth and confidence in the future

* 100,000+ different visitors every month
* 3000+ subscribers to the Security Clinic Digest e-newsletter
* 800+ products/services in the on-line Products Database

"It's always good to start a new year having achieved the milestones for
the previous year. We have done just that - and we enter 2003 with confidence that will continue to grow and continue to provide the best single source of information on IT security for business people and home users alike," says founder and editor Kevin Townsend.

The latest analysis shows that is now getting in excess of
100,000 visitors every month. This maintains the 100% year-on-year growth achieved by the site since its launch. "It proves," says Townsend, "that we
got the concept right. The site is packed full of information - more than
10,000 pages - that is easy to find and fast to access. It's all free and
unencumbered. We don't ask for passwords or log-ins, and we guarantee not
to seek or divulge any information about our visitors."

Newsletter subscribers publishes a unique weekly Security Clinic Digest. It is a
compilation of genuine security problems raised by visitors to the web site, and the answers/solutions provided by the Security Clinic Panel of Experts. "During 2002," says Townsend, "an additional 1,234 people subscribed to the newsletter. Every single one did so via the web site - and the newsletter now goes to more than 3000 security people every week."

Product Database
The on-line database of security products and services now
contains more than 800 entries - and it's still growing. "It is undoubtedly
the single best source of information on security products and services you
will find anywhere," says Townsend. "In fact, it has grown so far and so
fast that we have had to completely redesign its format and navigation -
and it is now easier than ever to use."

About is an independent source of information on anything and
everything to do with IT security. It comprises:

* News Section
* Papers Section
* Products Section
* Dictionary
* Security Clinic
* and more...

For further information about, or for access to the Security
Clinic Experts for expert comment on any security subject, please contact:
Kevin Townsend
+44 (0)1803 616644

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