System Automatically Classifies and Routes Digitised Images of Inbound Mail
and Electronic Communications

AIIM 2003 CONFERENCE, APRIL 7, 2003 - Captiva Software Corporation, a
leading provider of input management solutions, today introduced the Digital
Mailroom, a new, automated classification and routing system for digitised
images of inbound mail and electronic communications.

The Digital Mailroom offers a single point of entry for a company’s incoming
mail, faxes, e-mail and electronic communications streams. The system
automatically recognizes and routes digitised images of documents and data
to the appropriate department or person for further processing while
concurrently providing full auditing and tracking capabilities. This results
in reduced operational costs, the elimination of cumbersome paper as it
enters the enterprise and faster, more accurate routing of forms, documents
and other transactions for accelerated business processes and optimised
customer satisfaction. Built on InputAccel, Captiva’s premier document
capture solution, and fully integrated with FormWare, Captiva’s
award-winning forms capture solution, the Digital Mailroom can be easily
expanded to include robust document and forms processing capabilities.

"By leveraging a common platform to capture a company’s entire incoming
communications stream, the Digital Mailroom is the logical next step in the
evolution of managing input into the enterprise. Electronically assimilating
structured documents and forms with scanner and software systems has long
shown proven, rapid return on investment for thousands of companies. Now,
progressive firms are looking to expand upon these efficiencies by capturing
the content of every incoming document regardless of format, and managing
all of their inbound communications into their enterprises," said Jim
Vickers, Captiva’s Chief Marketing Officer. "In the last two years, we’ve
had many customers request a solution to manage the receipt, analysis,
routing and delivery of all their communications, including so-called ‘white
mail’. In addition, we have a number of current customers, such as Sanlam,
Imaging Acceptance Corporation, Siemens and Lloyds Bank, already utilizing
custom versions of our existing software in their mailroom operations and
enjoying the benefits of doing so. We believe the Digital Mailroom offers a
strong value proposition, provides a compelling return on investment and
meets a growing market demand."

Various analysts of the enterprise content management (ECM) and input
management markets agree there is a strong, emerging business justification
to amalgamating all incoming communications. "As organizations attempt to
address the growing number of data input sources, both traditional and
Web-based, we see an increasingly stronger case for strategic data input
systems capable of centrally managing various data sources and mediums. By
the end of next year, we believe most organizations will be forced to either
adopt a strategic data capture framework or outsource these functions," said
Andy Warzecha, Senior Vice President and Service Director at META Group.
"Solutions that offer centralized document processing of all incoming
communications streams fulfil a specific, prevailing need in the market and
should be well positioned for success in this burgeoning new segment."

A key feature of the Digital Mailroom is its ability to recognize and
identify mail and document types through intelligent content classification
technology and automatically route mail to the appropriate department. These
capacities, according to Harvey Spencer Associates and Strategy Partners,
two leading independent industry analyst firms that specialize in the
document capture and input management market segments, will be in especially
high demand in the years to come. The firms predict that the market for
intelligent document classification software alone will grow at a compound
annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.7% from 2000 through 2005. They contend this
niche will be the fastest growing segment within the entire input management

Additional benefits offered by the Digital Mailroom include reduced mail
processing costs, improved mail security, ensured capture of business-critical information and the quick delivery of time-sensitive data to streamline business practices.

"The Digital Mailroom will fundamentally change how information is collected, distributed and utilized across an enterprise. It is designed to substantially reduce the delays, communications bottlenecks, overflowing in-boxes and the perennial 'lost mail' problems that have existed in business for decades," added Vickers. "The Digital Mailroom leverages several Captiva strengths, including the abilities of our InputAccel and FormWare universal information capture platforms, our form and document identification and recognition technologies, our existing customer presence and our vertical market expertise in the insurance, financial services, government and other high document volume enterprises."

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