E2E Infotech launches new components for front office

April 10th 2003, LONDON

London, 10th April 2003: E2E infotech (www.e2einfotech.com) is pleased to announce the launch of new components for front office. The new components, named E2E TIRITH and E2E MAGIC EYE are designed to improve option pricing and to automate trading processes.

Developed using E2E MORIA, integration framework developed and licensed by E2E, these new components interact seamless with Orc System.

E2E TIRITH is a rule based engine which listens to market prices and publishes prices based upon ORDER DEPTH. These prices are normally more accurate to price the options compared to level 1 prices available from the market.

The application interacts smoothly with Orc Trader and auto-quoter application. The following a some of the features:

- Ability to define custom depth level at each Underlying Base Contract level to calculate volume weighted average price of the ORDER DEPTH.
- Ability to provide alerts when the price is outside certain spread.
- Ability to enable/disable auto quoting based upon certain programmable triggers.
- Ability to change quoting parameters on options depending upon to depth of the market, thus to allow automatic widening of quotes if the liquidity is below certain level.

E2E MAGIC EYE is a natural extension of E2E TIRITH. The application looks for trading patterns based upon the trades and order depth in the market and based upon that, takes actions to enable or disable auto quoting.

E2E infotech has specialist knowledge in the area of Derivatives, Risk Management, Rate Reasonability and cash management and is one of the few companies providing integration solutions around the Orc System.

E2E MORIA integration framework is a platform independent solution and supports multiple protocols like CORBA/COM/DCOM/DDE/XML and is capable of communicating via MQ Series/MSMQ Series/TIB-RV messaging architecture.

E2E provides standard applications and interfaces to support integration with:
Microsoft Excel
Rolfe and Nolan
Bloomberg Price Feed
Rule Based Order Management

E2E provides specialist applications in the area of:
- Risk Management and VAR Calculation
- Risk Reporting
- Front Office Trading Tools for designated quoting.
- P&L Reporting and Analysis
- Data warehousing and post trade deal enrichment.
- FIX applications support and integration.
- SWIFT applications support and integration.

Orc Software is a leading provider of software systems for pricing, trading and risk management in real time in international financial, commodities and energy markets.

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