Screen Consultants to rationalise market data services at ING South West Europe

Following a successful study at ING's Crédit Européen in Luxembourg earlier this year, ING Group has hired Screen Consultants to optimise its market data environment in the South West Europe region. This study involves Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL) in Brussels, ING Ferri in Paris, ING/Banque Bruxelles Lambert in Geneva and Bank Brussels Lambert in Madrid. The scope includes some 500 trader positions. The study at Crédit Européen (also part of ING South West Europe) resulted in a significant reduction of the yearly market data services' expenditure.

The project includes the installation of INFOmatch at the all the above-mentioned sites, consisting of a central database in Brussels, with local clients in Paris, Luxembourg, Geneva and Madrid. INFOmatch will also be used to control the Reuters’ DACS permissioning system in Brussels, Paris and Luxembourg. This infrastructure supports centralised market data management of ING South West Europe in Brussels, with local clients having exclusive access to and update rights for their part of the database.

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