Apt announces FIXcel: The FIX engine add-in for Microsoft Excel - FIXcel opens the door to anyone who wants to trade electronically with FIX

Edinburgh, Scotland, 13 June 2002 - Apt Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) engines and connectivity software tools for the financial world, today announced the release of its FIXcel software product.

Apt has developed FIXcel in response to market demands, particularly from those traders who already use Excel to help with the trading process. "With FIXcel, anybody using Excel can now execute trades with FIX connectivity" commented Gordon Black, head of the FIXcel project team at Apt. "In times like these, traders need every advantage they can get. Every day, more trading operations are communicating electronically in order to improve trading speed, execution quality and reduce costs, while handling an ever-growing volume of trades and information", says David Shobrook, Sales and Marketing Director at Apt.

Apt Computer Systems Limited
Tel: +44 (0)131 524 9450

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