Acrys Consult launched ORSA - a tool for IT-Risk Assessment

Ever thought about the risks within your IT? Acrys Consult now launched a dedicated service combined with a tool to analyse, evaluate and report all IT-risks within your business. Core of the tool ORSA is a customisable, structured risk profile represented by a high-level questionnaire which covers all IT-risk sensitive areas. The risk profile consists of 19 risk categories (thematic groups), 68 risk types (risk areas within a category) and a total of 290 items (singular questions). It collects data not only from typical IT-categories like
IT-infrastructure or emergency policy but also from related areas like IT-controlling.

ORSA offers the ability to personalise and historise numerous questionnaires, results and reports. This gives you the ability to adapt the risk profile exactly to your infrastructure.

ORSA supports the complete risk measurement process by:
· Measuring the recorded IT-risks via a flexible scoring model
· Flexible generation of reports
· Adaption of the risk profile by generating customised self assessments

· Long-term analysis via periodic trend analysis
· Easily expandable risk profile
· Multiple languages (german, english)

Our expertise in information technology guarantees you a neutral
evaluation of your IT-risks. Based on to the risk analysis we give you a
detailed and prioritised step by step catalogue to help you managing and
reducing your IT-risks.

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