Dublin, Ireland - 09 July 2002 - Reuters, the global information, news and
technology group and Prediction Dynamics, a leading systematic trading and risk management software company, have signed an agreement under which Reuters global historical market data feed service, DataScope and Prediction Dynamics' financial modeling platform Crucible* will be jointly marketed and sold.

The agreement brings together the breadth of Reuters DataScope offering, a
comprehensive financial information service which delivers end of day prices, corporate actions, foreign exchange and global cross-reference information, with Prediction Dynamics' Crucible TM, a financial prediction infrastructure platform that enables organizations to rapidly build accurate, predictive time-series models for financial markets. The software is aimed at hedge fund and financial risk managers and research groups engaged in developing and refining quantitative trading strategies. The combination of Reuters unrivalled information resources with Prediction Dynamics' leading financial modeling platform enables systematic traders and risk managers to easily build a comprehensive quantitative framework for decision-making.

"As global institutional trading and money management operations strive to eke out higher returns in an increasingly harsh market, dependable sources of reliable, accurate data combined with sophisticated modeling tools will give smart traders an edge," said Alenka Grealish, senior analyst at Celent Communications. "Significant opportunities for revenue increase and loss
avoidance hinge on equity data integrity."

"Investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers are looking for better ways to take advantage of the large amounts of historic data available to them today," said Paul Donnelly, chief executive officer of Prediction Dynamics. "Crucible is based on a revolutionary new approach that uses historic data, such as that provided by Reuters DataScope, to build consistently accurate predictive financial models. The predictions produced by these models can be used to drive profitable systematic trading strategies or to actively manage financial risk."

"Information is the foundation of good decision making," said Piers MacWhannell, Third party relationship manager, Reuters. "Reuters DataScope
provides the extensive, high-quality data that works with Crucible models to
make solid volatility and asset return predictions. This bolsters Reuters
aim to support its clients' market risk activities."

Prediction Dynamics' Crucible is an innovative and flexible quantitative
modeling platform underpinned by a large body of mathematical and computational research. The core engines for building and analyzing nonparametric multifactor models - the FactorEngine and the ModelEngine - are based on patent-pending technologies developed by Prediction Dynamics.

The software builds accurate, stable models that can be used to predict
financial market movements and point to trading recommendations. The multifactor models can be built with any number of relevant input factors
enabling traders and quantitative researchers to rapidly detect and exploit
opportunities that may have been too subtle to identify in the past.
more. . .

Reuters designed DataScope for front-, middle- and back-office operations.
An historical batch feed service, it currently features end-of-day prices
and corporate actions from over 140 exchanges worldwide, spot rates on 175
currencies, cross and forward rates, an extensive array of global cross
reference information for access across the enterprise and historical
time-series data from 1976. Multiple types of securities are covered, from
equities, indices, warrants and US, Asian and European mutual funds, to
money market funds, money derivatives, equity options, futures and

Drawing on this extensive information source, Crucible can be used to build
models that support trading strategies across a wide variety of financial
markets and asset classes.

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