New Advance Galatrek PowerSwitch Range Allows Easy UPS Changeover

Latest Dual Redundant Switches Offer Instantaneous Automatic Power Transfer

The UK's premier supplier of power quality management solutions for the industrial, IT and comms markets, Advance Galatrek, has just revealed its new PowerSwitch range of dual redundant switches. PowerSwitch allows automatic user selection between different AC power sources, and is available either in a wall mounted or 19" rackmounted configuration.

Each PowerSwitch incorporates primary and secondary power inputs, together with a sensing circuit that automatically switches between the two sources. This makes PowerSwitch perfect for mission critical applications where N+1 resilience is an essential part of the operating environment.

PowerSwitch is normally connected so that a UPS provides the primary power source, while the secondary source will commonly be the mains supply or an
auxiliary UPS. Regardless of the configuration, should the primary source
fail for whatever reason, PowerSwitch achieves an instantaneous automatic
transfer of the critical load between available supplies, until the principal power source is restored.

The user can also manually select between power sources, using the keyswitch
located on the unit. To ensure load integrity during the transfer process,
both UPSs, or the primary UPS and secondary mains supply, must be connected
to the same phase.

Various different PowerSwitch models are available with, current ratings between 10A and 30A. The larger capacity units are hardwired to terminals,
while the 10-amp models use IEC plug & play connectors. Advance Galatrek can
also supply customised versions of PowerSwitch, capable of installation either as wall or 19" rack mounted units.

According to Robin Koffler, Managing Director - Commercial at Advance Galatrek, the PowerSwitch's configurability makes it the natural choice for virtually any mission critical installation. 'Complex and sensitive comms and data equipment needs a dependable power supply. This means that dual redundancy is a must for every environment that relies on power continuity to carry out an essential task. PowerSwitch fits perfectly in this environment, by guaranteeing an instantaneous transfer between power sources, should the primary supply fail for whatever reason,' he said.

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