SAM Jupiter - Next-generation automated security management

Cologne, July 9, 2002 - Systor announces the availability of SAM Jupiter,
the next generation of the SAM product. As a market leader with more than
60 leading customers worldwide, SAM Jupiter builds on the proven scalability of the SAM product line, adding new standards.

What can SAM Jupiter do?
The powerful provisioning engine of SAM Jupiter converts user information from
HR systems, directories and organization databases into access rights. This
enables rule-based security provisioning, providing the basis for automated
administration processes. SAM Jupiter Repository contains essential knowledge
for effective security management. Access rights are derived from the
Repository and are then automatically implemented during roll-out. The SAM
Jupiter Auto Discovery Facility provides extremely fast loading of security
information from the linked platforms and systems.

The SAM Jupiter Auto Policy Enforcement Facility allows the control and
enforcement of centrally defined security guidelines ranging from password,
revoke and resume rules to access rights policies. Flexibility is guaranteed by
SAM Jupiter Delegation Authority, which selectively delegates administrative
tasks and then efficiently manages the distributed administration.

An important core competency of SAM Jupiter consists in the so-called
off-the-shelf Target System Interfaces, which provide full support for standard
security systems. Additionally, the highly mature SAM Jupiter Connector
technology ensures seamless connections with PKIs, LDAP directories and
e-business security, applications, security systems and management of manual
activities. With its innovative user interface providing multilingual
capability and intuitive dialogs for special tasks, SAM Jupiter guarantees a
high level of user-friendliness.

"In developing SAM Jupiter, we've listened to what our customers have to say
about their needs," says Yehoshua Shohat, Managing Director Enterprise Security
Management in the Systor Group, "and they have told us that in the age of
e-business they need more flexibility, user-friendliness and convenience as
well as automation. SAM Jupiter 3.0 meets these needs with its expanded
functionalities, state-of-the-art, Web-enabled graphical user interface (GUI)
and modern software architecture. SAM Jupiter sets new standards in the
provisioning and identity management market. Our customers and analysts are
equally enthusiastic, and we are very confident that we'll satisfy both our
customer and market needs with SAM Jupiter."

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