Mosaic Software Launches Postilion Chip and PIN Solution for Retailers

London, 19 August 2002 – Mosaic Software, the global transaction processing software provider, today announced their new retail solution, "Postilion for Chip and PIN", which enables retailers to support chip and PIN at the point-of-sale. This unique solution, combining Postilion and eSocket.POS, has been created to meet the immediate EPOS requirements of retailers, with the flexibility to support emerging technologies and services.

The Postilion for Chip and PIN solution guarantees cost-effective migration to support EMV Level I or Level II compliant chip card readers as well as secure PIN processing at the point-of-sale. eSocket.POS, an open Java-based component of the solution, is designed to operate on tills or the store servers within a network of integrated EPOS terminals. It communicates with Mosaic Software’s Postilion payment processing platform for the purposes of obtaining approval from the cardholder’s bank.

Postilion for Chip and PIN offers numerous benefits to multi-lane retailers. Transactions can be authorised at the till even when the in-store systems are down. Non-financial cards can be used in bankcard authorisation requests, allowing retailers to offer modern payment services such as mobile prepay top-up, staff discount and loyalty programmes at the point-of-sale. Settlement
cycles can be accelerated to receive acquiring bank payments earlier. The result is an effortless integration between POS and EFT, using a modern hardware-independent payment solution built on open design principles.

Willem van Biljon, Director of New Business Development and co-founder of Mosaic Software, says, "Our Postilion for Chip and PIN is a unique solution that is based on our extensive experience in the retail market and
provides retailers with their future requirements. There has already been a great deal of interest in the solution and an announcement regarding our first major UK retail customer can be expected soon."

Other solutions available from Mosaic Software using Postilion include solutions for ATM and Web-enabled ATM Driving for financial institutions, EFT Switching, EMV Gateway, and Mobile Commerce.

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